Protecting Domestic Violence and Abuse Victims, hands-free.

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Handsfree Technology

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EviSafe is a cutting-edge technology that automatically and hands-free proactively protects victims of domestic violence.

No need to manually activate the mobile application—potentially risking consequences for victims. The EviSafe app operates completely hands-free.

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The EviSafe App automatically recognizes domestic violence and stores it as immutable (both in-app decentralized, and on-cloud centralized) evidence.

With the use of deep-learning, it minimizes the false positives, ensuring it automatically reacts to actual violence.

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Privacy & Security in One

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We understand that as domestic violence and abuse victims, you can’t use your mobile device during an assault.

We also understand that assaulters and abusers may install spyware on smartphones.

Which is why we have this covered during the developments of EviSafe.

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Collecting evidence is crucial for victims, yet they often lack the means to do so, unable to make recordings at will. This absence has severe repercussions.

Immutable evidence also spares victims from retelling their trauma repeatedly.

That's why it's the core feature of EviSafe.

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Violence's Effect on Kids

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EviSafe is for children too!

Four in ten abused children suffer lasting trauma. Domestic violence raises the risk of physical, educational, and mental health issues.

Your contribution enables us to create and sustain EviSafe, aiding both direct and indirect victims of domestic violence.



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Next to the EviSafe User App there also will be a EviSafe Guardian App.

Upon settings by the EviSafe App User, their

close network, such as parents, family and friends might provide first aid.

To prevent escalation, calm the assaulter, or rescue the victim in time. Fully customizable to the victim's needs.

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Seven million children live in families in which severe partner violence occurred

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Children, as well as young people and adults, can be or become victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

We Need Your Help !

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Over 700 million victims of domestic violence and abuse need your help to realize the EviSafe App.

We need your help!

Contact us to learn about our impact driven sustainable business model, and how you are able to join EviSafe.

Message from

the CEO, Naomi

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Unfortunately, I have experienced it firsthand.

Additionally, I have worked for years as a Healthcare Manager with similar clients.

That's why I started EviSafe.

Together with my current partner, the co-founder of a cybersecurity technology firm,

we can develop EviSafe with your contribution.

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Why Joining EviSafe

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Victims of

domestic Violence




are killed due to

domestic violence




people use their

smartphones daily

EviSafe Technology

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Artificial Intelligence - Pattern Recognition
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Intelligent Conflict & safe words Recognition

Deep-Tech/AI speech recognition App operating fully automatically from a bag or pocket

Hands-free Evisafe App

The Evisafe + incognito Apps operate completely autonomously, without human intervention

False Positives Prevention

EviSafe’s Intelligent Recognition Software only detects (and stores) real threats and attacks

Immutable Evidence with Timeline

Every recording is stored encrypted in an accurate timeline with blockchain security

Evisafe Empowerment Community

Access to podcasts, stories blogs, and vlogs from fellow sufferers, cars provides for victims

bypassing safety control
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Password Icon
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Bypassing stalkers Spyware

Evisafe is aware of spyware and utilizes smart technology tools and services to counteract it.

Anonymous Incognito Applicaties

Unobtrusive evidence collection is feasible with one of the many incognito apps available

App & Evidence Protection

The victim accesses the Evisafe and Incognito apps, privacy settings, and evidence with a password

Emergency Password % Safe Words

Distress password or safe words trigger (GPS) notifications to authorities and guardians

Unwanted Attempt Detection

The app will lock for a specified time and capture a photo if there are too many incorrect attempts

Join Naomi and her team to develop EviSafe, the solution to reduce domestic violence.

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Every person deserves a safe home. Support us in safeguarding victims of domestic violence.

Join our cause to reduce domestic violence and abuse.

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Help us protect the 700+ Million Domestic Violence victims through Evidence, Empowerment, and Support.

Contact Us

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